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Studio Representation - Excellence since 1990

Hollywood Cinema is one oft he most experienced television representative firms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Company was founded in 1990 by the counselor Marco Deutsch as a tv-rights broker and has ever been since one oft he most innovative strategic player in the market, providing management services, spot billing and reach extension in emerging territories for media giants and global networks like News Corp, Deutsche Telekom or fashion tv.


Hollywood Cinema has the systems in place to generate the highest level expansion plans as well as the experience and the methods to monitor those systems. At a point where many in the media industry are searching for the balance between expense reduction and viability, the company continues to invest in people, systems, and technology to further separate ourselves from the pack. Today Hollywood Cinema is the exclusive representative of fashion tv in DACH Territories. With over 349 million households on all 5 continents the fashion and lifestyle tv medium is the 4th biggest global network, only beaten by CNN, Discovery and MTV Networks.

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